Selected Public and Private Collections

Design Museum (Gent, BE)
Booklet Art Library (Tokyo, JP)
Clinique Rhena (Strasbourg, FR)
La Ville de Strasbourg, Artothèque (Strasbourg, FR)
Los Angeles Contemporary Archives (Los Angeles, USA)
La Médiathèque de l'Institut Français du Royaume-Uni (London, UK)


Veronika Muchitsch: Imaginary Sounds - Johanna Tagada, 2016
Celina Basra: Johanna Tagada - The Plants from my memory grow into a big garden, 2015
Celina Basra: Listening to Incense or the Diary of a Palm Tree, 2014

Selected Press

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Bibliography (Published works in print format)

· Johanna Tagada - Daily Practice, ISBN : 978-0-9932238-7-7, Published by InOtherWords, UK (Artist book, with an essay by Veronika Muchitsch)
· Mint Magazine, issue 11, FR (Essay + Photo series: Phoenix Garden)
· The Weekender Magazine, Ausgabe 29, DE (Essay + Photo series: Auroville)
· Journal du Thé - Contemporary Tea Culture, Chapter 1, UK (Concept, Co-Edition, Research, Photographs, Writing)


· Hole & Corner Magazine, Issue 15, UK (Text + Photo series: Cecile)
· The Weekender Magazine, Ausgabe 27, DE (Essay + Photo series: Maureen)
· Many of Them Magazine 5, SP (commissioned images of John Alexander Skelton's presentation)
· Waist 02, published by Anyonegirl, NZ (four pages - sculptural practice p.86 - 89, text by Veronika Muchitsch)
· The Weekender Magazine, Ausgabe 24, DE (Photo series: Simone)
· M Le Monde Magazine, issue 279, FR (Commissioned photographs)
· Toc Toc Toc Magazine, issue 15, FR (Interview + Analog Diary photographs - collaboration with potter Laurence Labbe)
· M Le Monde Magazine, issue 269, FR (Commissioned photographs)


· The Weekender Magazine, Ausgabe 23, DE (Photo series: Un Mercredi chez Izumi)
· M Le Monde Magazine, issue 267, FR (Commissioned photographs)
· Moon Magazine, issue 04, UK (Written + photography series: Taiki Iai and series of artworks)
· Kedama Magazine, issue 03 by Sally Scott, JP (Four pages artwork presentation + Profile)
· Johanna Tagada - Peintures et Photographies: Histoire & Géographie Familiale, published by Las Injurias, VE
· The Diary of a Palm Tree - Self-published, Poetic Pastel Press, ISBN 978-1-5272-02-54-2, UK
· Her Magazine, issue 02, JP (Interview + Studio Visit Photographs by Jan Stasiuk)
· Looking at Painting Magazine, issue 02, UK (Interview by Jessie Churchill + Studio Visit Photographs by Ruby Woodhouse)
· The Weekender Magazine, Ausgabe 20, DE (Photo series: Mon ami Tilmann)
· New Holidays Magazine, Volume 04, JP (Photo series: Un printemps en Californie)
· Douceurs de l'imperceptible - Inaka no Hana, Self-published, Poetic Pastel Press, UK 


· Around Magazine, issue 27, South Korea (Interview + Studio Visit, p. 36 to 45)
· A Conversation with Johanna Tagada - published by Art Book Stand, USA
· Majestic Disorder Magazine, issue 04, USA / UK (Cover Portrait, Interview + Studio Visit, p. 36 to 45)
· COLLETION VOL IV - The Diary of a Palm Tree - Self-published, Poetic Pastel Press, UK


· Oh Comely Magazine, issue 23, UK (Eight pages; Photo & Written essay : Les Plantes de Mamie)
· The Plant Journal, issue 7, UK / Spain (Plant Illustrations p. 66 & 79)
· Pipeline Contemporary Art Magazine, Honk Kong (Review of photo essay: Two for One)
· Toc Toc Toc Magazine, issue 11, FR (Eight pages interview + studio visit)
· Colletion #3 - Self-published
· Jatinder, ballade quotidienne, 2nd Edition, Self published, DE
· The Carton Magazine, Lebanon (Illustrations + fourteen pages photo essay)


· Jatinder, ballade quotidienne, 1st Edition, Self published, DE
· Johanna Tagada Petit Studio, a studio portrait - Sunroom Press, Australia (Photo + Written essay)
· Colletion #2, Self-published, DE

Selected Collaborations

· egg trading, London, UK

Selected Commissions

· Pensées - The Poppy ; Ernst & Young, London, large painting on the occasion of the centenary of WWI

Selected clients

M Le Monde, FR
Zut! Magazine, FR
Lab Design, FR
Ming Wong, DE
The Weekender Magazine, DE
My Cup of Tea, UK
The Garden Edit, UK
Ernst & Young Bank, UK
Oh Comely Magazine, UK
MOON Magazine, UK
The Cold Press Gallery, UK
Hole & Corner Magazine, UK
The Plant, UK/SP
LIM, Less is More, JP
The Carton Magazine, UAE