Painter, Transdisciplinary Artist & Cultural Practitioner.
Born 1990 in Strasbourg, France. Based in rural Oxfordshire, England.

Photographs by Naoi Magaki (2016) & Nishant Shukla (2021, commissioned by The Weekender Magazine)

Education/Fulfilling Experience

· Founding and directing The Gardening Drawing Club (2021 - Present)
· Allotment Committee Member - Oxfordshire, England (2021 - Present)
· Social and Therapeutic Horticulture Practice Course at Thrive - England (2021)
· Part of the Seed Saving Network by OmVed Gardens - England (2021 -Present)
· Distance training for Royal Horticultural Society Level 2 & 3 (2020 - Present)
· Obtention of the certificate for completion of the beginner’s Course at Ohara School of Ikebana - Japan & England (2020)
· Co-editor of the publication series Journal du Thé - Contemporary Tea Culture (2018 - Present)
· Co-founding the publication series Journal du Thé - Contemporary Tea Culture with Tilmann S. Wendelstein, UK (2018)
· Ikebana studies at Ohara School of Ikebana - England Chapter, UK (2018-Present)
· Management of Archives & International Project Development at Studio Cécile Daladier, FR (2017-2020) 
· Founding and managing Poetic Pastel Press (2015 - Present)
· Assisting artist Yoshitomo Nara, UK (2014)
· Founding Poetic Pastel (2014)
· Assisting artist Ming Wong, DE (2013)
· Contributing Editor at African Digital Art (2012-2013)
· Fine Arts and Textile Design, Haute école des arts du Rhin, FR (2008-2010)
· Baccalauréat Littéraire mention bien, options Arts Plastiques & Danse Contemporaine, FR (2008)
· Three summers in a biodynamic & organic farm, Ferme St Blaise, Alsace, FR (2005-2007)

Selected Solo Exhibitions

· Dreaming About Tomorrow, Nidi Gallery - Tokyo, JP (2022)
· Caring & Tender, Terrace Square Photo - Tokyo, JP (2022)
· Speaking With Paper, Geulwoll  - Seoul, KR (2022)
· What if God was an Insect ? Ao-Hata Bookstore - Fukuoka, JP (2021)
· From Brown to Pink, From Pink to Green, Readan Deat - Hiroshima, JP (2020)
· The Things I made, Nidi Gallery - Tokyo, JP (2020)
· Meeting, Pon Ding - Taipei, TW (2020)
· Memories from the Ordinary, Tenoha Gallery Space - Milan, IT (2020)
· Tamil Diary, Totodo - Tokyo, JP (2019)
· Take Care - きをつけて, Nidi Gallery - Tokyo, JP (2018)
· Épistolaire Imaginaire - Merci, Galerie Jean Francois Kaiser - Strasbourg, FR (2017)
· Épistolaire Imaginaire - Le Refuge, Egg - London, UK (2016)
· Épistolaire Imaginaire - Les Fleures du Japon, IKO IKO Space - Los Angeles, USA (2015)
· Épistolaire Imaginaire - わけあうことば , Utrecht/NOW ideA - Tokyo, JP (2014)

Selected Group Exhibitions

· New Nature , Paterson Zevi Gallery - London, UK (2022)
· Oxfordshire Artweeks - Oxfordshire, UK (2022)
· By your side, HOME - London, UK (2022)
· Outside, Together, Funk - Cologne, DE (2021)
· Avec ce qui reste, Ravisius Textor - Nevers, FR (2021)
· MK Calling, MK Gallery - Milton Keynes, UK (2020)
· Blank Space Library, Exposed Art Projects - London, UK (2019)
· Tea Today, Nidi Gallery - Tokyo, JP (2019)
· Run Home, The Hankyu Event Hall - Osaka, JP (2019)
· Nieves : Zine Wall, Amala Gallery - Tokyo, JP (2019)
· Run Home, Bridget Donahue Gallery - New York, USA (2018)
· Inaka no Hana Nidi Gallery, Tokyo, JP (2017)
· Douceurs de l'imperceptible, Tender Books - London, UK (2016)
· To Hide To Show , MAMA Gallery - LA, USA (2015)
· Thoughts; Empire, Faith and War, Brunei Gallery - London, UK (2014)
· Mulhouse 010, Le Musée des Beaux Arts de Mulhouse - FR (2010)

Selected Public & Private Collections

Design Museum (Gent, BE)
Booklet Art Library (Tokyo, JP)
Clinique Rhena (Strasbourg, FR)
Le Centre de Documentation AWARE (Paris, FR)
La Ville de Strasbourg, Artothèque (Strasbourg, FR)
Los Angeles Contemporary Archives (Los Angeles, USA)
La Médiathèque de l'Institut Français du Royaume-Uni (London, UK)

Grants & Awards

Arts Council England (2020)
MTArt Support for research in Japan (2016)

Artist Residencies

· O Apartamento x Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa - Lisbon, PT (2016)

Selected Public Talk

· Architecture and space in ‘Journal du Thé’ and ‘Penser, Manger, Partager’ at Archipel Centre de Culture Urbaine, Musée des Beaux Arts - Lyon, FR (2020)
· In conversation with T. S. Wendelstein at Nidi Gallery - Tokyo, JP (2019)
· An introduction to ‘Penser, Manger, Partager’ on the occasion of No Ocean, No Life, on invitation of Å Journal, Ofr - Copenhagen, DK (2018)
· In conversation with Rio Tomo, Galerie Jean-Francois Kaiser - Strasbourg, FR (2017)
· MTArt Conference Ellie Tsatsou & Johanna in conversation, Art Rooms - London, UK (2016)
· Speaker at MTArt Conference, Contemporary Artists - Contextual Realities, Institute of Contemporary Arts - London, UK(2015)


· Tea Today, Nidi Gallery, Tokyo, JP (2019)
· Inaka no Hana
, Nidi Gallery, Tokyo, JP (2017)
· Douceurs de l'imperceptible, Tender Books, London, UK (2016)

Selected Art & Art Book Fairs

· Photo London - London, UK (2022)
· Offprint - London, UK (2019)
· Offprint - Paris, FR (2018)
· Offprint - London, UK (2018)
· Offprint - London, UK (2016)
· Offprint - Paris, FR (2015)
· Paris Photo LA - Los Angeles, USA (2015)
· Tokyo Art Book Fair - Tokyo, JP (2014)
· Medium Cool - Chicago, USA (2014)
· Tokyo Art Book Fair - Tokyo, JP (2012)


· Native/Fluent: French, English, German
· Intermediate/Beginner: Japanese, Punjabi, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil

With a rich body of often semi-autobiographical work, Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck wishes to generate positivity and positive feelings, deriving inspiration from her daily life and close observation of nature. Her practice composed of painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, film, photography, gardening and writing often conceals ecological messages, rendered in soft and delicate methods. Theories related to Art Therapy, Deep Ecology, Permaculture and the Way of Tea are at the roots of her works. Tagada Hoffbeck is building a coherent and singular practice, often described as poetic. In several of the artistʼs projects, interaction with the environment and others plays a central role.

In 2014, Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck founded Poetic Pastel - a positive and collaborative cultural project informed by Deep Ecology and defined as an open conversation inspired by natural elements, warm memories, rhythm, colours, feelings, relationships, literature, poetry, tea culture and daily life. Poetic Pastel's collaborative projects result in exhibitions, meetings, culinary experiences, musical recitals, writings, workshops, textiles and publications. Sonic, textile and print editions are released by Poetic Pastel Press, which was founded in 2015. In 2018, Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck co-founded the publication series Journal du Thé ‒ Contemporary Tea Culture in collaboration with T. S. Wendelstein.

Until June 2010, she studied at the Fine Arts School Haute École des Arts du Rhin (HEAR - France). Beyond  Fine Arts and Textile, the artist manifests a strong interest in Architecture, Community-based projects, Social and Therapeutic Horticulture, Literature, Tea Culture, Film, Languages, Botany, Ecology, Horticulture, Traveling, Ethnology, Colonial and Post-Colonial History. Fluent in English, French and German, with an intermediate level in Japanese, also speaking and understanding several dialects.
Her first book Daily Practice was published in 2018 by InOtherWords Imprint.