Close to painting and filming, Johanna has been practising 35mm film photography daily since 2010. In 2014 she was selected by the curators of M+ Museum in Hong Kong to be one of the thirteen artists published in Pipeline Contemporary Art Magazine's Photography Issue; this undoubtedly provided her with the assurance to pursue her photographic voyage.

Travelling frequently until the pandemic, Johanna started in 2010 a simple photography project titled Analog Diary in which she ventures to capture daily beauty. While keeping in mind similar concerns as to painting, she explores colours, frames and textures, building a coherent body of work. Photographic cycles and photographic series are composed within Analog Diary, which stands as starting point and reference.

Photographs by Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck have been published in and commissioned by titles including M Le Monde, (FR), The Weeekender (Germany), Oh Comely (UK), The Carton(Lebanon), Hole & Corner Magazine, Moon Magazine (UK) and Hanatsubaki Magazine (JP). Johanna is open to commissions and enjoys focusing on architecture, crafts, food, gardening, people and plants.

Click on the photos below to view the selected series. For further photographic works, please see Journal & Journal du Thé.