Jatinder, ballade quotidienne

35mm Film Photographs
Selected images from the cycle, 2013 - present

"The subjects of this particular series are both my husband, artist Jatinder Singh Durhailay and a look into our relationship with nature. This record also serves as a visual journal of the peacefulness I feel emits from our being together. The stillness seeps into the frame of my 35mm camera, the depiction of nature, the presence of our quotidian realities, both at home and during our travels. Capturing these daily moments is also a way to compose images of the poetic beauty seen in simplicity and imperfections.
Through Jatinder, I am also portraying myself. At the same time, I feel our relationship is softly fading away from the notion of I, positively brushing away the Me and You, a gentle union. This series attempts to capture the feeling of oneness which is complex yet felt through selflessness.

Early 2014 I produced a limited edition publication of the same title, including a selection of the first photographs from this series. The zine was sold at Tate Modern, The Photographer's Gallery, MAMCS, Palais de Tokyo, BOOK STAND, Utrecht, Tender Books."