Work the Soul Must Have
35mm Film Photographs. Selected works - spring 2020.

“There is a particular photograph, taken by Johanna Tagada-Hoffbeck this past spring, of the skin of an onion, gossamer-thin and quietly glowing as it rests on a sheet she has laid out in her garden to take the picture. Wonderfully vermillion and still half-formed, it holds the contours of the food it once encased.

Something about this suggestion of history, however small, is a poignant clue to the series as a whole. ‘An entire world unfolds in each petal,’ Tagada-Hoffbeck muses, in the diary she kept alongside these photographs, and we begin to see that sentiment unfold through her eyes. Elsewhere, baskets of verdant herbs overflow; rows and rows of bulbs are placed in lines into the soft brown earth; and clusters of yellow-orange flowers are grouped together in the evening light like little Sulphur lamps strung through long grass. All of life can be found in the garden.”

-> Read the full essay by Joanna L. Cresswell via The Planthunter.