Two for One

Selected images from the series, 2014 - 2016.
Oil painting on C-Print from 35mm Analog Photographs.

Two for One carries a state of novelty. The images created through their playfulness engender an amused curiosity, as well as surrealistic imagery. In their likeness and dissimilarity, the look-alike fruits create a different and new meaning questioning the viewers and also simply amusing them. Amusement, feeling of pleasure, and wellness are at the centre of Tagada's body of work.
The series emphasis on the relation western society has to food with a particular focus on fruits. The titles themself suggests ironies Two for One, a slogan often expressed in commercial advertising. In each image, the human presence is only suggested through the hand, a body part that performs all the actions in the context of; selecting, paying, bringing to the mouth, throwing away. This series of works was started a year after the artist decided to become a vegetarian.

Exhibited at MAMA Gallery (To Hide To Show - Los Angeles, USA, 2015). Featured via Paris Photo Los Angeles (2015, USA). Published in Pipeline Contemporary Art Magazine (Summer 2014, Hong Kong), Around Magazine (September 2015, South Korea), Johanna Tagada : Penser, Manger, Partager (Poetic Pastel Press - 2018, ISBN- 978-1-5272-2148-2).

01. Baies Berlinoises - 2014
02. Litchis Alsaciens - 2015
03. Bananes Tokyoites - 2014
04. Oranges Londoniennes - 2014
05. Mures Strasbourgeoises - 2015