Les Fleures du Japon

Audio & Film, 4.09 mn - 2015

In this short film shot in Japan in Spring 2014, Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck shares a memory of a simple moment of happiness as part of her series Épistolaire Imaginaire. The word 'Fleures' itself is space for remembrance of a simple moment of happiness, spelt with an extra E; this particular spelling holds a souvenir dear to the artist. The audio piece accompanying the video is the lecture of all the messages, memories of happiness left by the visitors of Épistolaire Imaginaire's first settlement (Tokyo, Japan - July 2014).

Les Fleures du Japon was first exhibited at Iko Iko Space (Los Angeles) during the solo exhibition and US settlement of Épistolaire Imaginaire - 2015, curated by Claire Cottrell. It has also been screened in June 2019 at The Design Museum (London, United Kingdom) on the occasion of Foreign Agents: Music and Migration, accompanying a performance by Petit Oiseau, curated by Migrant Journal. In 2020 the film became a central element in the project fleures.org initiated by the artist in collaboration with Alyssia Lou.

Exhibition photographs by Claire Cottrell,
Épistolaire Imaginaire - Les Fleures du Japon, Iko Iko Space, USA, July 2015,