The Gardening Drawing Club
The Gardening Drawing Club is a series of unique events with a holistic approach offering free access to arts and horticulture to adults and children in Britain. With monthly happenings, TGDC events, including workshops, talks and experiences, are hosted in a broad range of locations, from art centres to community gardens and temples. Veganic gardening methods are employed through The Gardening Drawing Club, advocating for gentleness and compassion while supporting seed sovereignty, racial, climate and land justice and reparation, biodiversity, and animal liberation.

The Gardening Drawing Club's practice is inspired by permaculture and natural farming. Founded in 2021 and led by artist Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck. TGDC is ideated with the likes of an art project. Between April 2022 and October 2023, 1 132 adults and children participated in The Gardening Drawing Club’s free workshops. The initiative is ongoing - click here to visit its dedicated webpage.